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Come Join Us at our Poker Ride & Walk!

We are preparing for our major fundraiser of the year, the event that brings people together for a wonderful day of riding their favourite horse or walking with family and friends through the beautiful trails at Campbell Valley Regional Park. In addition to the registration fees from riders and walkers, this event also relies on sponsors to make the fundraiser a success. To become a Sponsor, go here to see the Sponsorship Opportunities and go here to choose your method of payment ie: PayPal or Canada Helps. If you have any questions, please direct them to Kathy Abel, Event Coordinator.   Thank you!

Transition Update

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Photo courtesy of Sarah Ward

Equine Veterinary Coalition Fund

By Bianca Fillion

The Circle F Board of Directors recently approved involvement in this joint collaboration. The founding groups are Circle F Horse Rescue Society, The Horse Protection Society of BC, Greener Pastures, BC's Standardbred Adoption Society and New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society. Our mission is to raise funds for veterinary care for horses in our custody. The funds raised through joint fundraising initiatives will be used for emergency care, adoption examinations and a multitude of other veterinary care needs and recommendations. All money donated will be paid directly to the veterinarian and will be based on the individual needs of the horse. Our future fundraising initiatives include a rehab/education clinic series presented by Dr. Antonio Cruz of Paton and Martin Veterinary Services. We also have a page on and Facebook, so please be sure to check those pages online and like and share with your friends! We are very excited about this joint collaboration and we hope to expand our funding to other rescues and organizations in the future.

Circle F-riend

Diane Kubas Dare to be Bare Hoofcare

As a barefoot Farrier I've had the privilege of working with Circle F's horses and volunteers since January 2013. I've witnessed many horses enter and leave the rescue, all unique in their personal needs, physically and mentally. Dominant and pushy, fearful, untrained, unloved, and happy horses are able to improve their temperaments and adoptability thanks to the numerous volunteers involved in their everyday care and training. I have enjoyed being able to participate in improving these horses' lives by making them more comfortable hoof wise – after all, no hoof, no horse! There is a lot more to farrier than just trimming the feet. You must be a trainer, leader, confidant (the horse will tell you it's fears and concerns candidly), and observational (do the feet indicate any underlying issues that may be present?). In my years of practice I've been told by clients that their horse doesn't like to pick up the back foot or is just a 'jerk' for the farrier. In these cases, more often than not, I observed the horse to have an underlying issue that required a medical or chiropractic intervention. Horse owners can be in tune with their horses if they understand that horses aren't malicious or conniving, but honest creatures that could be trying to tell you something is wrong.

We are extremely pleased to announce our collaboration with Yvonne Allen, Founder of Voice for the Horse and Horses Help Kids. Two of our horses, Baby and Mandy, have been chosen to represent us in their indiegogo fundraising campaign for the production of their 2014 Music Production where their theme this year is, the celebration of our war horses. Please click here to view all of the details of this amazing campaign. Baby and Mandy will be profiled here so people know the horses they are supporting with their contribution. Baby and Mandy will receive a massage and a gift basket of treats for their participation, enough to share with their friends! One of our Circle F-riends Joy Richardson is the Ambassador of Voice For The Horse and I was honoured to have interviewed her in 2012 for our newsletter   .

If you have any questions, please direct them to Joy Smith, Promotions Coordinator.   Thank you!

VOTE FOR CIRCLE F - 25% of their profits from the sale of their products are going to a very deserving non profit society. They have chosen 3 worthy candidates and we are one of them. Your purchase gives you a vote! Please click here for all details and click here to see the standings.

Bill C-28, also known as Canada’s Anti-Spam Law or the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act

Starting July 1, 2014 the Canadian Federal Government will implement a major section of a Bill C-28, governing the ways businesses and organizations can communicate electronically with clients. We would like to remind you that if at any time you would no longer want to receive e-mail communications from us, you can find the unsubscribe function at the bottom of every e-mail. You receive email because as a volunteer or donor, your name automatically goes on our list or you asked to join our mailing list. We would also like to remind you that we in no way sell your information. Thank you.


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