December 2012 Newsletter

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Happy Holidays!

Christmas Happenings

By Walter Paetkau

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Festival of Trees Decorating Contest

Westcoast Christmas Show

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Circle F-riend | Isabella

.. used to sponsor our beloved Whitney and send us drawings/letters which we still have on our bulletin board.

"I've been feeling awful since I haven't been writing. Riding has been taking up most of my time now, since I have a horse of my own! I am now 12 years old, I had my birthday in June and just started grade 7 a few weeks ago. I've been doing so much riding with my quarter horse gelding, Moon. He's an ex-roping horse, and he is so much fun but a bit lazy and he does have a habit of bucking for unnecessary reasons. I've also tried him around barrels. I recently got back from traveling around Europe with my family. In Lipik, Croatia I actually had the chance to ride a 4 year old Lippizzaner which was so amazing! We were in Vancouver for a bit, and I'm disappointed I couldn't find time to visit you guys! The shelter looks like it is doing great!"

To our Volunteers

V aluable is the work you do.
O utstanding in how you always come through.
L oyal, sincere and full of good cheer,
U ntiring in your efforts throughout the year.
N otable are the contributions you make,
T rustworthy in every project you take.
E ager to reach your every goal,
E ffective in the way you fulfill your role.
R eady with a smile like a shining star,
S pecial and wonderful - that's what you are!!!

Volunteer of the Year

A special salute to Sandy Forward who was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2012 for Western Canada by Champion Horse Blankets!

Marina Dawson

Editorial Coordinator


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Annie   Lacey

Amy Hay

Gentle Hands Equine Therapy

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Lauren Fraser

Good Horsemanship

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Michal Russell

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As our Twitter followers know, The Winchester Family Business , a Supernatural Fan Site, have pledged their on-going sponsorship of our rescue as one of their supported charities.  They are winding up the first ever Charity Auction and all proceeds from the auctions go to their supported charities who are us and A Dog's Life Rescue.  We are honoured to have been chosen to be a part of this.  The final set of auctions is slated to end Dec. 10, 2012.  Thank you from all of us at Circle F and, of course, the horses.

Joy Smith

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