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B y now you have received our 2011 Annual Newsletter.

To view a copy on line click here .  Our Annual General Meeting and Potluck Dinner will be held on March 24, 2012.  A highlight of the event will be our Volunteer Recognition. Our ten, five and three year pin recipients can be seen in our Annual Newsletter.  Another highlight is celebrating our 15th Anniversary of caring for horses.  And, of course, some special surprises.  Watch for photos!

Our Adoptions for 2011 click on picture to read stories.

Circle F-riends

If you Google ‘Canadian horsewomen’, this lady’s name will come up and I had the pleasure of interviewing her.  Joy is now 87 years old and has sold her farm and retired, so I wanted to know about her life now with her horses. I also wanted to know her thoughts on horse rescues.  This is our interview.

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Volunteer Profile - Hiro Kinugasa

I have been with Circle F since 2002.  I found out about volunteer opportunities through Walter who came by our work site to take some slabs for fence material.

I build hand-crafted log homes. In 1997 I came to Canada with two dreams: to build log homes and to work with horses. When I started working with horses, I realized that as long as I have an open heart towards them, I can make a mental connection with them. I believe this is different from all other animals. Horses, I think, live in a pure, simple world. They have no ego, no way to measure time, and no “to do” list. We live in a different world, not simple like theirs. So, sometimes, we have a hard time understanding them and they have an even more difficult time understanding us.

I even think that sometimes we make them do things for us that probably feel alien to them. That is why we should always give them an open stance to allow them to make mistakes. We have to be forgiving if they do something wrong, it may be the right thing for them but we judge otherwise. Their reaction is “right”. So, we should try to figure out the way to present ourselves to the horse and make adjustments so that the mistakes are fewer. This is the way I think about horses. And I will keep trying to understand them better. I hope to do more clinics this year if there is an interest by volunteers.  Clinic details here

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Hiro & his family

Lily is doing really well, a little tired of the cold and wet I think but we're looking forward to an exciting summer of riding now that she's going well under saddle.  Sending along a picture of Anna's first time on her.  For all the drama and excitement Lily seems to enjoy, as soon as Anna was up there, she was all business, no messing around with her kid up there! Melody

This was Lily with Jimmy when she first arrived in June 2010.

We are looking for a barn tenant.  Please watch for an announcement with a pictorial description on our website and Twitter.  The renting out of the barn is essential for our operating budget.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please contact [email protected]   .  Thank you.

Rebecca places an ad each month in Canadian Horse Journal (formerly Pacific and Prairie Horse Journal) where she has an ‘Adoption Pen’ and each month she advertises one of our horses that needs a Forever Home.  April's issue will feature our Dolly.

A quote from one of our new volunteers:

"I must be happy because there's nothing else for which I'd get up at 7:00 am, drive 1.5 hours in pouring rain or icy conditions and then, upon arriving there, slop around in the mud and muck for three hours. Horses are amazing. It's heaven. :-)"

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Spring 2012 1 st Aide Clinic - TBA

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