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Left Quote I have worked with & supported Circle F Horse Rescue for approx. 4 years, both in direct contributions & donating transport & other services to their cause. During this time I have been continually pleased with not only their high ethic regarding horse rescue in general, but also the dedication & level of personal involvement from the staff & volunteers. From the carefully planned rehabilitation strategies tailored to each newcomer to the simple day to day tasks of grooming & seeing to individual needs, every aspect that could be hoped for on behalf of the horses in their care is painstakingly crafted. This level of dedication is clearly evident in every facet of Circle F’s ongoing work, which is one of many reasons I continue to offer my personal support, as well as that of my business. The “proof is in the pudding” as is said, and the condition & calibre of horses offered for adoption are continuous testimony to the leadership, prowess & commitment of everyone involved at Circle F. Little is left to chance, and on the few junctures at which Circle F’s internal resources are inadequate, the board is quick to solicit aid from industry professionals to solve unique challenges. Their focus is not on proving themselves as the best horses rescue, but rather on providing proof of that statement through the growing number of successful adoptions they generate every year.

In summary, it is my opinion that Circle F is an exceedingly well structured & efficiently maintained organization, and one with a clear vision of their goals, needs & future. They will continue to garner my full support for as long as I am able to give it. Right Quote

Kevan Garecki
H4 Services Ltd.
October 2011

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