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Donating a Horse

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances, owners are sometimes forced to find new living arrangements for their beloved animals. Please know that we take every request for assistance very seriously.

The steps taken in the surrender process are as follows:

  1. When an owner wishes to donate a horse to Circle F the owner is given information about the Rescue. We then invite the owner to visit our location in order to become familiar with our adoption procedures and generally to check out Circle F for suitability. For example, our horses run loose all year and come under shelter at their choice. Persons wishing to place a horse in a stall would not find Circle F a suitable placement.

  2. In turn we visit the owner and evaluate the horse for suitable placement with Circle F and assess the potential for adoption. When in doubt a veterinarian or farrier may assist us with the evaluation. When the horse is donated, a Transfer of Ownership Form is signed by the doner and the horse becomes the property of Circle F.

  3. Once the horse arrives at the rescue, he is placed in a large Isolation paddock with his own shelter and hay manger. The horse is then cared for by volunteers on a twice-daily basis at the facility. The horse’s nutritional, physical, medical and emotional needs are given attention. The horse is given one to two weeks to meet the other horses over the fence, and then he is integrated with the herd under supervision. Our horses live in a herd setting, and have access to the whole facility including a large 20 X 60 foot three sided shelter with a full length manger, and a couple of other shelters. As our facility is not large, we limit ourselves to 7 - 8 horses at any one time.

  4. After the horse has had time to settle in and we have been able to assess his attributes and character, he is advertised on our web site's Adoption Page and available for potential adopters to come and meet and work with him. For more information on the adoption process please see our Adopting a Horse section.

Donate a Horse

We receive many inquiries from people looking for a solution when needing to part with their horse. Unfortunately due to the size of our facility and the limited space available, we cannot take every horse for which we receive a request for surrender. While we may not be able to accept your horse, we do offer an Other Horses listing on our website where your horse can be advertised at no cost. This option has proved very successful for many horses.

For more information on donating a horse please contact Kevan Garecki at 778-858-7301 or email [email protected]   .

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