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Horse Rescues in British Columbia

B.C. Interior Horse Rescue Society - www.facebook.com/BCIHRS
B.C. Interior Horse Rescue Society is a non-profit whose mission is to help neglected, abused or surrendered horses, rehabilitate them and place them in healthy and loving homes. Located in Vernon, BC.

Critteraid-Project Equus - Critteraid
We are a society devoted to animal welfare located in Penticton, B.C.

Crooked Leg Ranch Society - www.crookedlegranch.com
Crooked Leg Ranch Society is directed by generations of animal lovers, and is located in the North Cariboo region of British Columbia. Among those who donated their time and energy to the society are a Master Dog Trainer, a Certified Dog Groomer, as well as many others with years of experience in handling, healing, and caring for a wide variety of animals, both large and small.

First Mainland Donkey & Mule Club - www.firstmainlanddonkeyandmuleclub.webs.com
The 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club is a non profit organization established in 2005 to preserve and protect donkeys and mules in British Columbia.

Greener Pastures-BC Standardbred Horse Adoption Society - www.greener-pastures.ca
The BC Standardbred Horse Adoption Society is dedicated to changing the lives of horses by retraining and finding loving homes for retired Standardbred Racehorses.

Hayburner Haven Farm - www.hayburnerhavenfarm.com
Hayburner Haven is a family run farm that operates on 20 gorgeous acres in South Langley B.C.

J & M Acres Horse Rescue - www.jmacresrescue.com .
J & M Acres, a private horse rescue located in Maple Ridge, BC, is here for the purpose of rescuing horses and helping them find long-term, loving homes.

Meadowbrook Equine Retirement Center - Meadowbrook Equine Retirement Centre
Meadowbrook Equine Retirement Centre is a facility that offers boarding services for retired and senior horses of all breeds and disciplines: from the backyard pony to the hunter/jumper, all equine friends are welcome. Located in Horsefly, BC.

New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society - www.newstride.com
New Stride’s goals are to ensure that each and every noncompetitive and injured Thoroughbred racehorse gets a second chance and is placed into a caring adoptive home.

Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society - www.pipsqueakpaddocks.com
Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven is a rehabilitation and rehoming centre for Miniature Horses. Located in Chilliwack, BC.

Prince George Equine Rescue - www.pgequinerescue.com
Specializing in rehabilitation and relocation to approved homes.

Saints Rescue-Senior Animals In Need Today Society - www.saintsrescue.ca
Saints Rescue is an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals that have nowhere else to go. Located in Mission, BC.

Tiny Tales Pony Rescue Society - www.ponyrescue.org
Our Mandate is to:
(a) Rescue and assist sick, injured, abused or neglected ponies.
(b) To promote the well-being, health and trust through proper care, food, kindness and love.
(c) To rehome the ponies after the mental and physical health has been restored to a caring, loving and knowledgeable home.
Located in Delta, BC.

TRACS-The Responsible Animal Care Society - www.tracs-bc.ca
TRACS is a registered, non-profit charity dedicated to the kind and compassionate treatment of all living beings. In addition to hands-on rescue work and crisis intervention, we actively promote public awareness in areas where animals are exploited for profit, abused, or denied natural conditions. Located in Westbank, BC.

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society - www.turtlevalleydonkeyrefuge.webs.com
Providing a safe and permanent home for neglected, abused or unwanted donkeys. Located near Chase, BC.

Horse Rescues in Alberta

Bar N K Rescue & Placement - www.barnkrescue.com
Our mission is to help neglected/abused animals reach their potential with proper feeding, care, training and all the TLC they need to become the animal they are ment to be. We will help horse owners by educating them on how to properly care, feed, train and house their equine friend.

Bear Valley Rescue - www.bearvalleyab.org
This rescue group has been organized for the expressed purpose of rescuing and helping animals in need. Located in Sundre, Alberta.

Dare To Dream Horse Rescue - www.dare2dreamhorserescue.ca
Dare to Dream Horse Rescue is working to save young horses from being slaughtered.

The Dawn of Equus Rescue & Sanctuary - www.healingwithhorses.ca
We rescue horses and donkeys from abuse, neglect and slaughter, rehabilitate them and find adoptive homes. Located near Cochrane, Alberta.

L.F. Ranch Rescue - www.lfranchrescue.com
For about 4 years we've been rescueing horses that have been mistreated, neglected, left on their own, misfed or simply that were never handled.

Performance Standardbreds - www.p-standardbreds.org
Recognizing the potential of and the need to give these horses no longer able to race new lives, Performance Standardbreds promotes the breed in a new and positive light.

Rescue 100 - www.rescue100.ca
Our journey began with the rescue of 100 starving Arabian horses. It will not end there. We are an organization of dedicated volunteers who are determined to continue to offer care, love and healing to animals that have survived abuse.

Safe Haven Stables - www.havenstables.com
Safe Haven is not just a place for people to come and visit or to come learn about healing but a place of growth and bonding with Mother Earth.

Wild Rose Equine Rescue & Sanctuary - www.albertahorserescue.com
Our mission is to rescue, protect and prevent the abuse of equines through rescue operations, education, advocacy and investigations. Working closely with the authorities and other rescues and sanctuaries to help equines in need.

Horse Rescues in Saskatchewan

Misfit Acres Equine Rescue and Training - www.misfitacresequinerescuetraining.com
A place where EVERYONE fits in, EVERYONE has a place to call home, EVERYONE has a dream that can be their reality and EVERYONE is part of the Creators Divine plan

Paradise Stable Horse Rescue - www.paradisestablehorserescue.weebly.com/
Paradise Stable Horse Rescue provides a safe home for abused, neglected, or abandoned horses while promoting public awareness and education on the care and responsibilities of horse ownership.

Second Time Around - www.secondtimearound.ca
Our mission is to provide a safe haven for abused, neglected, special needs, forgotten, thrown away, animals, to provide them with love, proper care and rehabilitation, and to hopefully place them with loving caring families as a adopted member of their family or a full time member.

Horse Rescues in Manitoba

Heaven Can Wait Ranch - www.heavencanwaitranch.webs.com
We have taken in boarders, retired horses, even sick animals that needed care. All animals are daily handled, and live in a loving enviroment.

Papa's Ranch Horse Rescue - www.papasranch.ca
We have an on-site adoption program that has been successful for us. We enable people to pick a horse from our herd that has not been previously adopted. We provide them with an adoption contract and some history on the horse.

Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. - www.southwindshorserescue.org or www.facebook.com/SouthwindsHorseRescue
Our mission at Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. is to rescue and care for: abused, neglected and abandoned horses/equines by providing them with proper nourishment, veterinary care, retraining, love and other healing as required.

Horse Rescues in Ontario

Adena Springs Retirement Program - www.adenaretirement.com
The first in-house retirement program within the thoroughbred racing industry, Adena Springs matches horses with loving owners who will make a lifelong commitment to their health and well being. Located in Aurora, ON.

Adopt A Preloved Horse - www.adoptaprelovedhorse.com
Our primary goal as a rescue and adoption program is placing the horses or donkeys in homes which are the best match they can possibly be for both the horse/donkey and new family. Where they will be unconditionally loved.

Bella Misty Meadows - www.bellamistymeadows.ca
Bella Misty Meadows Animal Sanctuary is a registered Not For Profit Corporation dedicated to providing a long-term loving home for abused, abandoned or retired horses and farm animals.

Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary - www.bigskyranch.ca
Our focus is to try to improve relations between animals and humans and to educate people to a higher level of understanding when it comes to any animal related issue.

Cannington Horse Rescue - www.cannington-horse-rescue.com

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada - www.thedonkeysanctuary.ca
The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is a refuge for donkeys, mules and hinnies who have been neglected or abused, or who can no longer be cared for by their owners.

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue - www.heavencanwaitrescue.org
Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is committed to rescuing and providing safe haven for neglected, unwanted, abandoned, injured and/or unadoptable companion animals.

Hilltop Haven Equine Rescue - www.hilltophavenequinerescue.com
It is our mission to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted horses as well as other animals.

Horse Rescue Ontario - www.horserescueontario.org
It is our sincere goal to help as many horses as possible to have the safe, happy retirement that they deserve after years of devotion and loyal service to the humans who used them for showing, racing or pleasure riding.

Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement Society - www.longrunretirement.com
The purpose of our organization pertains to the welfare of our thoroughbred racehorses when they are no longer able to compete.

M & E Rescue Farm - www.merescuefarm.com
M & E RESCUE farm is more than a wonderful place, it is the proof that with enough love and compassionate care, any horse, any animal, can thrive and be a great partner.

New Horizons Equine Center - www.newhorizonsequinecenter.com
New Horizons Equine Center is a 50 acre rescue / rehabilitation facility that focuses on re-training off-the-track Standardbreds for a second career.

Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society - www.osas.ca
The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society (OSAS) is an approved charitable organization, founded in 1996 to assist in the adoption and relocation of retired and non-racing Standardbred horses within Ontario.

Phase 2 Thoroughbreds - www.phase2thoroughbreds.net
Phase 2 Thoroughbreds is finding Second Careers for Ex Racehorses.

Refuge RR for Horses - www.refugerr.org
Refuge RR is giving back that which should never have been taken away, their freedom, and providing them with the protection that is owed to them.

Save a Horse Equine Adoption & Rehabilitation Farm - www.saveahorse.ca
Dedicated to rehabiliting and maintaining damaged horses.

Save the Mustang Foundation - www.savethemustangfoundation.com
SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses and Burros in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the 'Excess'.

Saving Grace Equine Rescue - www.savinggraceequinerescue.com
Here at Saving Grace we provide rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming of neglected, abused and unwanted horses and ponies.

Second Chance Farm - www.secondchancefarm.ca
Our goal is to work toward saving equines from inhumane treatment.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue - www.whhrescue.com
Our mandate is to provide care and rehabilitation to abused and neglected horses.

Horse Rescues in Quebec

Le Refuge de Darwyn - www.refuge-de-darwyn.org

Le Refuge de Galahad - www.refugedegalahad-lesite.webs.com

Horse Rescues in New Brunswick

Earth Spirit Horse Rescue - www.earthspirithorserescue.com
Earth Spirit Horse Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving horses from abuse, neglect, and slaughter in New Brunswick.

Morningstar Acres - www.morningstaracres.webs.com
Morning Star Acres is a family oriented farm located in New Brunswick, Canada.

Horse Rescues in Nova Scotia

Earth ARC - www.eartharc.piczo.com
EARTH ARC, an animal respite center, is dedicated to the healing of animals whether that leads to a new career, a gentle acceptance of death or anything in between.

The Hoof Beat - www.thinknovascotia.com
We are a non-profit group dedicated to finding homes for neglected, abused, and homeless animals.

Maritime Horse Protection Society - www.maritimehorseprotection.ca
Our mission is to provide owners with assistance in times of need, to educate and to give horse owners an alternative to sending their horses to "market."

Rocking Horse Ranch and Rehabilitation Centre - www.rockinghorseranch.ca
We're a place where a horse can come and learn to love again, to heal scars inflicted by mankind. A place where you will find horses that were labeled dangerous, broken and destined for slaughter houses.

Horse Rescues in Prince Edward Island

Sadie’s Place - www.sadiesplace.ca
Giving horses a second chance.

Horse Rescues in Newfoundland

The Horse & Pony Protection Association of Newfoundland - www.happanl.ca
The Hopeall Sanctuary provides much needed care for horses and ponies that have become either unwanted, neglected, abandoned, abused or harmed.

Equine Services

Ace Farrier Services, Candace Giesbrecht - email: [email protected]   or phone: 778-988-9059
Hot Shoeing, Cold Shoeing, Barefoot Trimming.

Ainsley Beauchamp ~ Certified Equine Therapist, Reiki Master - www.equinetherapybc.ca
Offering non-invasive, hands-on body and energy work sessions. Ainsley Beauchamp works with great compassion, kindness and skill to strengthen the horse's structural integrity and encourage the body's natural healing ability.

The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association- www.cantra.ca
Our mission is to promote the benefits of therapeutic riding throughout Canada, by raising public awareness, working closely with the medical profession, providing continuing education, maintaining high standards for Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification and accrediting therapeutic riding centres.

Claypony Horsehair Pottery - www.claypony.com
Custom horsehair vessels made from your horse's mane and tail hair. Your horse's name can be added to the bottom of the vessel. These are $50.00 dollars each (plus shipping).

Clever Riding ~ Leah Taylor - www.cleverriding.com
Redefining what it means to train your horse. Supporting you and your horse towards a more thoughtful relationship.

Crofton Horse Transport- www.croftonstables.net
Crofton Transport has moved thousands of horses and other animals. We have an unbeatable reputation for exceptional safety standards, squeaky clean trailers, excellent personal touch service, and terrific rates!

Dare to be Bare Hoofcare - www.d2bbhoofcare.com
There is a reason that barefoot is gaining momentum in North America and around the world, because it works!

Dynamic Balance Equestrian - www.facebook.com/DynamicBalanceEquestrian
Dynamic Balance Equestrian offers certified coaching, training, and animal structural alignment. I travel to you. Serving BC and AB...and beyond! (604) 992-7945.

Equine Nutritionalist - www.hiprofeeds.com or visit our Facebook page.
Phone: 1-800-663-2267 ext. 4528 or email: [email protected]  
Equine Nutritionalist: Shelagh Niblock from ProForm Feeds

Forever in Peace - www.foreverinpeace-petcremationservices.com
Forever in Peace Pet Cremation Services take pride in providing private cremations for all types of animals that enrich our lives on a daily basis.

Gentle Hands Equine Therapy - www.gentle-hands.ca
Gentle Hands specializes in deep tissue and acupressure massage, muscle and joint manipulation and homeopathic treatments to improve the overall wellbeing of your equine friend.

Glen Valley Stables - www.glenvalleystables.com
Glen Valley Stables offers professionally guided 1 and 2 hour riding tours. Whether you are an accomplished rider or one with little experience, Glen Valley Stables welcomes you.

Good Horsemanship - Lauren Fraser - www.goodhorsemanship.ca
Relationship-Based Training and Horse Behaviour Consulting

HCBC Forum - www.hcbc.ca/Forums
A Horse Forum with a readership of over 3,000 members, and a great place to find your next new horse, or a home for one you already have.

Jonathan Field Horsemanship - www.jonathanfield.net
Jonathan Field can help you with a horsemanship and training program that's woven with clear, easy-to-follow steps, natural training methods, and fun!

ManeFrame Imagery - www.facebook.com/Maneframe-Imagery
Photographer, Storyteller, Horse Transport & Instruction, Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation.

New Foundation Natural Horsemanship - 778-320-0852 or www.nfnh-now.com
Naturally developing the confidence and communication between the horse and rider.

Paws & Tails Pet Photograpy - www.pawsandtailspetphoto.wix.com
Canine, Equine, Feline, Wildlife, and Animal Rescue Photograhy in Abbotsford, BC.

Thunderfoot Studio - www.thunderfootstudio.com
An artist studio specializing in equestrian art.

Tina Colter - 778 968 8772 or 604 569 6564
Equine Therapist for Chiropractic and massage .

Will Clinging - www.willclinging.ca
Will is booking lessons, training and farrier services on Vancouver Island starting September 5, 2012.

Wings Equine & Canine Massage - www.wingsmassage.ca
Give your Horse the Healing Touch of Equine Massage Therapy Today!

Equine Information

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition - www.defendhorsescanada.org
We are a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose.

Havemeyer Equine Behavior Lab - www.research.vet.upenn.edu/HavemeyerEquineBehaviorLabHomePage
Within this web site you will find both clinical veterinary and scientific works, written mostly to the veterinary practitioner or scientific equine behavior community

Horse Community Journals - www.horsejournals.com
Home of Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal and the Equine Consumers Guide.

Horse Council of BC - www.hcbc.ca
An equine community offering insurance, education, forums, and a ton of information for a variety of equine disciplines.

The Mane Street - www.themanestreet.com
An online equine community offering various information such as classified ads, equine services, forums, articles, and news.

Standardbred Fan Club - www.standardbredfanclub.com
The Standardbred Fan Club is for anyone who loves the breed!

Voice for the Horse - www.voiceforthehorse.com
Voice for the Horse was created to build awareness around the issue of the slaughter of horses in Canada and of course the plight of the PMU mares and their foals.

Guest Ranches

Jandana Ranch - www.jandanaranch.com
Offering peaceful holidays in the High Country of British Columbia.

Red Willow Ranch - www.redwillowranch.com
A wonderful Guest Ranch located near 93 Mile House, BC with excellent horses, good food and great people. Ride on your own to the many nearby lakes, and hundreds of miles of trails. Highly recommended by Circle F volunteers.

Sundance Guest Ranch - www.sundanceguestranch.com
A great ranch, near Ashcroft, BC. Highly recommended by our Circle F Volunteers.

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