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Horse Care Info

* * *These presentations were made to assist our volunteers in the care of our herd. They are not meant to replace Veterinarian or professional diagnoses or treatment instructions. * * *

7 Steps to Own Your Horse

The "7 Steps to Own Your Horse" are based on natural horsemanship. The goal is to move each of the horse's body parts, and establish trust and leadership.

Two Minute Wound Care

Cleaning, debriding, rinsing, drying and applying ointment....a quick reference for wound care for horses.

Stretching For You and the Horse

Remember to warm your horse up for 10 minutes or so with some hand walk/trot, or some lunging prior to stretching.

This instructional video includes tips on -
*Neck, foreleg and hind leg stretches
*Putting on the bridle
*Pre-riding assessment
*Free lunging

Treating a Puncture Wound

This instructional video explains the process of treating a puncture wound to the sole of the hoof. Warning; Do not immediately pull out a foreign object from any wound until the path and angle has been determined, and if any arteries or veins are involved.

Treating Seedy Toe

A visual description of identifying and treating Seedy Toe/ White Line Disease in horses.

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