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Kate Kate

Left Quote Hi there! My name is Kate and I stumbled across this website about a week ago through Elvis' HoundDog video (I am in love with him!). I have been visiting the website daily since then, and talking non-stop about Circle F Horse Rescue. I wanted to let you guys know that what Circle F Horse Rescue is all about is absolutely wonderful. I cant even begin to find words that even come close to what I would like to say to everyone involved. Thank you is for sure one thing I can find the proper words for. Thank you for being so caring, loving and compassionate towards these horses who may have never known anything positive......... Read more Right Quote ~ Kate, Circle F Supporter

Left Quote For anyone considering asking Circle F Horse Rescue to help them find a home for their horse, I can tell you that you can't do any better. The people at Circle F are kind, compassionate, caring, and responsible. And from my experience in the animal rescue field, it is amazing that they offer these qualities, not just to the horses, but also to the people they encounter. Of course Trica was the sole focus of our dealings, as is right, but I also felt like the people of Circle F, especially Sandy, were understanding and considerate of my situation and the difficulty of making such a heart-wrenching decision....... Read more Right Quote ~ Marina, Horse Donator

Trica Trica

Left Quote I was a volunteer with Circle F Horse Rescue from 2006 until 2010 when I had to leave to attend university on the Island. I learned about Circle F through my community newspaper and as I have been a horse lover from a young age, my parents thought that this would be a good way to incorporate horses into my life without the expenditures of owning one. Circle F was both a release from the day to day stresses of life and an amazing learning experience...... Read more Right Quote ~ Jessica Curry, Circle F Volunteer

Left Quote I have been an owner and advocate for horses for the last 40 years. In 2003 I had to give up one of my horses and while attempting to find the best home for him many people highly recommended Circle F Horse Rescue. I was told that they were the best and most reliable organization to re-home a horse in need. I donated him and eventually another horse to Circle F and they found them homes even better than my own (not an easy task)...... Read more Right Quote ~ Susan Ferrante, Circle F Supporter

Ryan Family Ryan Family

Left Quote During the nine years that we have had adopted horses from Circle F, we have had only the greatest admiration for the work that you do. Not only do you ensure that the horses are going to homes that are suitable for the horses, you also ensure that the horses are suitable for the homes........ Read more Right Quote ~ Mike, Vera and Chris Ryan

Left Quote I have worked with and supported Circle F Horse Rescue for approx. 4 years, both in direct contributions and donating transport and other services to their cause. During this time I have been continually pleased with not only their high ethic regarding horse rescue in general, but also the dedication and level of personal involvement from the staff and volunteers....... Read more Right Quote ~ Kevan Garecki, H4 Services Ltd.

Left Quote Thanks for all your good work on behalf of horses in need. Blessings. Right Quote ~ Faith Richardson, Circle F Supporter , August 2011

Left Quote I had the pleasure of visiting the Circle F Horse Rescue Society and meeting some of their horses. I really appreciate all the great work that they do there. Right Quote ~ Jonathan Field, Jonathan Field Horsemanship , August 2011

Left Quote We want to thank everyone at Circle F for helping Thunder in his time of need and also for letting us be his family for the rest of his life. Right Quote ~ Lance Cameron and family, Horse Adopters , July 2011


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