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How We Are Funded

We raise funds through donations, special events, adoption fees and gifts in kind such as hay, tack, and professional services.

Donations are essential to maintain the care of the horses. Contributions are most welcome. Both direct dollar donations and gift in kind donations are income tax deductible. Note the section on How to Help for details.

In 2010 we started a major annual fundraiser called the Poker Ride & Walk . This has been a very successful event for us, bringing in about $3,500 in 2010, just over $4,000 in 2011, and just about $3,500 again in 2012. 2013 is our best year yet with net proceeds of $5,789.

We also apply for various community and corporate grants, and these help significantly when they are received. Every fall we have a fund raising drive where we send out requests for donations with our email newsletter to all past and present donators, adopters and volunteers.

A future goal is to purchase or have donated a permanent facility. See more about this under Forever Home .

How We Are Funded Donate Now How We Are Funded

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