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Volunteering at Circle F

Volunteers, all horse lovers, are at the heart of the program. You will find great satisfaction in caring for the horses and you will enjoy the comradeship of working with your team.

Circle F Horse Rescue is looking for a few good hearts to lend support to our growing volunteer teams! We have opportunities in our daily schedules for those who would like to get hands on with our horses, regardless of previous experience! We offer a comprehensive orientation process for those wishing to gain understanding in handling, health matters, and conditioning and we also welcome horse experienced folk to join our herd too! Circle F is presently expanding our opportunities for those with administrative skills, experience in fund development, event planning & publicity. If you would like to join us in helping horses, please be in touch for more information: Kevan Garecki ~ phone; 778-858-7301 ~ email; [email protected]

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We Need Your Help!

We are seeking volunteers to assist in a variety of positions. Please click here for more information!

Tasks that are assigned to cover each shift include:

  • Feeding

  • Grooming

  • Injury care and rehabilitation

  • Handling of the horses

  • Ground work such as exercising, lunging and working under saddle

  • Cleaning the facilities

  • Facility management

  • Care of tools and equipment

  • Organizational and administrative detail

Sandy and Monarch

Requirements of a Volunteer

  • Basic experience in working with horses.

  • At ease and relaxed with horses.

  • Self motivated, committed and reliable.

  • Able to commit to a two hour shift once a week for a minimum of six months. Some exceptions are made during the summer months.

  • Minors will be required to be assigned with a parent or other adult.

  • Willingness to be part of a team and follow guidelines.

Steps in Becoming a Volunteer

  1. Review all the information on the website to get a basic understanding of Circle F. Give special attention to the Volunteer Orientation information.

  2. Through Kevan Garecki, Manager at [email protected]   enquire about a possible shift opening. Include basic information about yourself and your experience. Indicate which morning or evening shifts you might be available.

  3. You will receive a response indicating whether there is an opening or not, and if so, you will be invited to come for a half hour onsite visit for a basic orientation.

  4. If all seems in order you will be asked to fill out the Volunteer Application and Membership Form .

  5. You will then be assigned to one of the shifts and introduced to the team members.

  6. Once assigned, the team will give you hands on orientation. You are responsible for each other. Should you not be able to attend a shift you will communicate this with the team members.

  7. As you become comfortable with your assignment you may wish to become involved with the exercising , ground work and training of the horses. If so, you will be referred to the conditioning team leader who will make assessment and orientation arrangements with you.


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