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Left Quote I have been an owner and advocate for horses for the last 40 years. In 2003 I had to give up one of my horses and while attempting to find the best home for him many people highly recommended Circle F Horse Rescue. I was told that they were the best and most reliable organization to re-home a horse in need. I donated him and eventually another horse to Circle F and they found them homes even better than my own (not an easy task). Since that time I have been an avid supporter of Circle F Horse Rescue. Their mandate is that horses should have freedom from abuse and neglect and that they should have a good home and through personal knowledge this is exactly what CircIe F does. Even since my first contact with them their reputation has grown within the horse community that this is the place to go for help. There is almost always a waiting list for horses to come into the Circle F program and when they arrive there is a well organized army of volunteers to give them excellent care. I can’t say enough about Circle F’s professional way of operating and dedication to horse rescue and I know the rest of our local horse community feels the same. Right Quote

Susan Ferrante
October 2011

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